What's in the Amendment

Read the full Amendment language here.

North Dakota Voters First is a cross-partisan grassroots coalition working to make our elections better serve all North Dakotans. The Amendment includes three key provisions:


Secure Our Elections

Casting an informed vote is a responsibility of every citizen. Our state should honor that responsibility with a system that ensures all legal votes are counted and that we have the right security in place to trust the results. To ensure the security and integrity of North Dakota elections, Measure 3 requires every voting machine to produce an official paper record of each vote cast, requires timely audits of election results, and gives our military-overseas voters more time to receive and return their ballots.


Increase Voter Choice

North Dakotans deserve more choices. They frequently go to the polls and have only one option, as many incumbents run unopposed. Without competition, lawmakers secure reelection even if they don't have the best ideas or vision for their constituents. Measure 3 gives voters more than one choice in elections and incentivizes legislators to more closely listen to their constituents.

Open primaries: Measure 3 allows all voters from all parties to choose the best candidates, regardless of party affiliation. The four candidates who receive the most votes for each office, regardless of their party, then advance to the general election.

Majority winner general elections: Measure 3 allows voters to rank their choices in the general election, rather than voting for one candidate or the other. That way, if no candidate gets 50% of the vote, the candidate with the most overall support wins.

Power with Citizens, Not Special Interests

Right now, lobbyists, special interests, and party bosses have too much power in our state government. Politicians draw their own political boundary lines, picking and choosing their constituents to ensure those in power stay in power.

This amendment would ensure voters are picking their politicians — not the other way around — by preventing politicians from drawing their own political boundaries. Measure 3 would establish a nonpartisan redistricting process that is transparent and fair.